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Self-oriented character.. You have to try to suppress it.

Sometimes when you’re so busy looking for a place to hide, you forget that you’re a human being, and human being is supposed to know how to communicate with others, but you don’t. You forget your basic need to socialize because you always want to be alone, no, you do not always want to be alone, but being alone is more comfortable for you. You always try to run from bitter reality and being alone seems like the only solution left. You trust less. You share your deepest secret to yourself only, or if it’s too unbearable, and the tears start falling, you beg God for His mercy..

Human is weak and You have a weak heart, when people or realities disappoint you so bad to the extent that your weak heart can’t tolerate, your weak heart will overwhelm your mind and when no one comes to help, you will start feeling like a loser, start feeling inferior, start being an introvert, start hiding yourself from the world.

Now what you need is someone.. yes, I just said someone, not yourself alone. You need someone who will not leave you just being like that, You need someone who will drag you out from loneliness and your hiding place. You need someone who will open the door and ask you to come out and look the world (once again). You need someone who will let you see that this world has a lot of good things too, not only the bad ones. You need someone who will tap your head and says she or he will be there when the pain feels too unbearable. You need someone to share the pain together. You need someone who has pain as well. So You two can understand each other..

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