Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Cheer me Up!

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Have you ever felt like you are in the worst condition during your life? you hit the ground too hard.. you hug the cactus too tight.. hurtful, sad, gloomy.. Have you? I'm feeling those all now..
Life's getting so hard these days.. People around you keep disappointing you, they are stabbing, cheating, and betraying you.. Every action you take seems wrong in their eyes, they make you feel like you can do nothing right. They leave you when you have hard time, when you need them the most.
I'm trying.. I'm always trying to make myself calm down, "Be patient, you know you are strong enough to face this problem, you are solving it one by one" I said those words many times to myself..
But, those people always look at you like you are only lucky, you never have any struggle in life, just because you have more than them, they deserve to think like that?
I really do not know what to do? What should I do to people like that? I shut my mouth, I am not the type who can easily tell my true feeling to them.. I never want to hurt them, to make our relationship worse.. though I feel sad and disappointed inside.. But then I find out that those people think my silence as I am okay, I do not regret anything.. They misunderstand my silence and it hurts.
If only they stood in my position, I wanted to ask back: what do you feel?
Then just now, I pour my feeling to God, I cried, I wanted to let my anger go, I was tired.. I cried till I fell asleep..
Then I wake up.. Thanks God, I can feel stronger.. My big dream and my goal in life remind me to keep myself sane among these people.. I prefer to live with few friends, but they are loyal than with many friends but they all stab me from back..
Also thanks to this blog for being here when I need space to pour my feeling :)

Have a very happy life, everyone... :)

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