Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013


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One success will increase your happiness, your mood and your motivation to plan other things happily and aim for another success.
So, just now, I tried to figure out something. I've been busy trying to solve it with so many possible methods. I nearly gave up because it was so complicated and it drove me nuts but then I told myself to keep trying and BOM! Finally I met the solution, after the long process! Yeay!
Now my mood is so bright.. I'm happy, I'm grateful \(´`)/
The lesson is:
Keep on trying, do not easily give up because you never know whether it just needs one step again to your success. Patience and Perseverance (ˆˆ) 

Minggu, 23 Juni 2013


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Self-oriented character.. You have to try to suppress it.

Sometimes when you’re so busy looking for a place to hide, you forget that you’re a human being, and human being is supposed to know how to communicate with others, but you don’t. You forget your basic need to socialize because you always want to be alone, no, you do not always want to be alone, but being alone is more comfortable for you. You always try to run from bitter reality and being alone seems like the only solution left. You trust less. You share your deepest secret to yourself only, or if it’s too unbearable, and the tears start falling, you beg God for His mercy..

Human is weak and You have a weak heart, when people or realities disappoint you so bad to the extent that your weak heart can’t tolerate, your weak heart will overwhelm your mind and when no one comes to help, you will start feeling like a loser, start feeling inferior, start being an introvert, start hiding yourself from the world.

Now what you need is someone.. yes, I just said someone, not yourself alone. You need someone who will not leave you just being like that, You need someone who will drag you out from loneliness and your hiding place. You need someone who will open the door and ask you to come out and look the world (once again). You need someone who will let you see that this world has a lot of good things too, not only the bad ones. You need someone who will tap your head and says she or he will be there when the pain feels too unbearable. You need someone to share the pain together. You need someone who has pain as well. So You two can understand each other..

Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Touch down 2013 !

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Hello everyone! We’ve hit 2013! A new hope for a new year!
I've been absent to write in this blog for too long. Because I’m the type of person who won’t make just a short post. So, I need to arrange it well. Sometimes I postponed the post, because my writings get a block in the middle. And for unlucky condition, I end up cancelling ‘em or deleting ‘em all.
So, here I am, trying to make a post. I am dying to write something. So many things already filled up my mind. I feel like wanting to pour ‘em all into this blog, but I do not know how to start, as always lol
I am on my day off right now but I will have one late exam on Monday. So I need to be well-prepared for it. I just do not want to be the one who ruins my own score (again). That’s the silliest and most regrettable thing ever done by me. So many distractions come when I have to study hard (hell, right?) and I’ve tried lots of methods to get rid of ‘em but once the laptop touches my hand I have no other way, none helps me to take these temporary pleasure things out of my mind and hands. I need to take self-management and time-management course ASAP I guess.. Yeah, blame entertainment world for that! *kidding* blame me as a procrastinator.
But still, I passed this semester quite good. I have not many remedial works, Thanks God for that. I worked hard on some materials and they turned good (efforts paid off!) but one thing slipped and I wasn’t able to save it. It was an inevitable mistake, like God has arranged it for me. My fate. So I still try to accept it wholeheartedly.
And oh yeah, a week ago. I had a holiday for new year celebration. I came back to Jepara, my hometown and spent a week there. I had family gathering with parents, lil sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, we went to amusing park, temple, mountain, but unfortunately I could not see sea, maybe later.
I want to share some photos taken when I was in the temple. I went to ‘Gedong Songo’ temple in a region near to Semarang. The landscape wowed me, very very beautiful.
Here the pics are:

Your map!
 As you see, it’s a mountainous area. And I had succeeded in climbing until the fifth temple with my youngest sister, yay!
 It’s your service! It must be super tired to climb until the fifth temple. They are ready to help! Take on your ride! But I myself chose walking, I wanted to feel the thrill of the climber haha.
It is the third temple, my favorite. There are five temples but I could not take pic of ‘em all, sorry :)
 Sulphur! It’s near to the fourth temple. The smell is no joke.

There are still many photos but I cannot let ‘em flooding my blog, lol. So they are all for now.. I still want to talk and blab about many experiences but I gotta go. See you on the next post! Wish you all a good life in 2013!


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